Nos roues en fibre de carbone Aero 35mm de profondeur sont le jeu de roues idéal pour l'escalade....
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            Les roues aérodynamiques de 55 mm sont idéales si vous aimez rouler vite et faire du contre-la-montre ou...
            AERO 55
              Les roues aérodynamiques de 55 mm sont idéales si vous aimez rouler vite et faire du contre-la-montre ou...
                Purchase Notes: Please do use black rubber if using tubeless tyre. Tight the valve before pumping. Something you may want to know before purchasing: Warranty & Returns Specification  Type...
                  Bienvenue à la page de notre roue la plus rapide de la série Aero 2019. Comme toutes les roues...
                    Our new for 2019 Aero series wheels are precisely that, aero. All of the wheel rims in our Aero range are constructed using the finest Toray T700 and T800 carbon fiber. Our engineers took our much loved T700 carbon FL series as their base, and have worked hard with the carbon fiber layup to make sure these wheels are as light as possible while still being as aero as possible. We now have a wheelset that has all the FL series qualities (strength, stiffness, and aero) but for around 100g less per wheelset.

                    We made sure that wheels are super stiff. We don’t want you to be losing watts thanks to your wheels deflecting and hitting your brake blocks. That is where our next big improvement comes in. The Aero wheels have a higher tolerance to heat than our FL series. The braking track can now withstand 300° as opposed to 240°. That is a huge improvement and one that is hard to see.

                    We also wanted everyone to be able to afford the best aero wheels. We don’t want aero wheels to be the reserve of those with deep pockets. It is not fair that those with money can buy speed. We feel we helping to level the playing field by bringing high-quality aero wheels to the masses.

                    To go with our new rim design, our engineers have also been working on our proprietary hubset. We have again worked hard to make sure these hubs are high quality and use the best bearings while remaining affordable for the average rider. Our engineers took our previous R01 hub, a part made in Taiwan. They have worked hard to reduce weight. In the front hub, we have removed two spokes while keeping the wheelset super stiff. This took the front hub down to 18 spokes. The rear is still 24 to help overcome the power you will be laying down.

                    We then laced these hubs to our Aero rims using Sapim CX-Ray spokes. CX-Ray spokes are in our opinion the best in the world. We want you to ride the best and now is your chance to do so at a price that is not going to break the bank.

                    All of this and they have a two-year guarantee.