21mm inner width enables the lightweight 38mm Carbon Spoke Disc Wheels to climb effortlessly. These wheels are designed...
Specification Type  Carbon Spoke Disc Wheelset Material  100% Carbon Fiber Toray T700 & T800 Size  700C Rim  Outer...

Pie Series disc wheelset is the newest wheelset from ICAN for coming 2023. Built with ceramic bearing hub and carbon spoke makes this series of wheelset lighter and stiffer. Supporting wider tires for its 30mm external width offer much confortable riding experience.

Support Tubeless Tire
The mixing of carbon fiber still allowed us to keep the modern, blunt aero shape and provide a rim that is tubeless-ready. As they are tubeless ready, we have made them a little wider to allow you to get the full benefit from wider tires and lower air pressure.

High-performance Hub 
Consisting of a ceramic bearing and a 4-pawl detent freehub, the hub designed for carbon fiber spokes has a larger interface for added safety in the fitment. Wheels using this hub only require two lengths of carbon spokes, making post-maintenance easier. Just need to use the conversion cover to convert to six nails, making it more suitable.

Carbon Spoke
Stiffness is increased by 30% compared to steel spokes. Lateral responsiveness is improved by 6% and weight is significantly reduced. Only 2.7 grams per spoke. Thanks to TaperLock technology, these spokes can be easily adjusted using the spoke keys inside the rim bed. Aluminum joints at both ends prevent carbon spokes from snapping on impact during riding.