Road Bike Tire: everything you need to know
May 28, 2019

Road Bike Tire: everything you need to know

Some people may choose a new set of bike tires lightly or impulsively because they do not appreciate the importance of this bike component. However, as we know, tires are the only point on our bikes that make contact with the ground, so it has crucial importance in determining how our bike performs and how it handles on the road.

Most road bike tires are slick, which means they don’t tread or they have indentations to provide better cornering grip, but not losing rolling speed. However, because they are slimmer and thinner, they are more prone to punctures and wear and tear.

So, learning more about this crucial part of our road bikes and to choose tires that satisfy you is highly important. Moreover, the type of riding is ultimately what should help to choose your tire. To know which tire you should go with., let’s see, the types of road bike tires and the pros and cons of them.

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